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Terms And Conditions Applied While Hiring Us

Our company provides excellent assignment writing services, guaranteed customer satisfaction, and ethical practices. Customer orders for theses and assignments are processed promptly and securely and are completed with high standards of quality assurance.

Our ethical practices seek to build customer loyalty and trust. These ethics shape our company’s ideologies and services provided in the following list of terms and conditions. 

A. Privacy Policy

A.1) Our company has a strict privacy policy and will ensure the safeguarding of all customer information and identification. Customer personal or financial information will not be given to any third party or intermediary. Our website is protected through an advanced cyber-security mechanism that ensures safe transactions and data protection. 

A.2) Customers will receive protection on all their online transactions with our company. However, the company is not liable for disclosure of information beyond the boundaries of the company-customer relationship. If credit or debit card details are leaked in an unrelated incident, the company will not be responsible. 

A.3) Each customer is required to provide complete and accurate information during the initiation of the order process. Customer names, contact details and other particulars are needed during the order placement.

Customer information will be used for detail verification, order confirmation, and communication. The information will be stored in a secured company archive and is not liable to external leaks or risks. 

A.4) As a caveat, the company does not allow socializing between writers and customers. It is mandated by the company that each party secure its information and private identities. The company will be the intermediary for communication purposes and will facilitate the process faster. 

A.5) The writers for our company are privy to all order details within the instructional documents and academic material provided by the customer within the order. If a customer opts to share any other information, including personal names, the company will not be responsible for the breach of anonymity and privacy.

The company advises its customers to avoid disclosing personal details to writers during the course of communication regarding the tasks. Any disclosure of personal details, like the university name, on any media channel, will not be the responsibility of the company. 

B. Order Process

B.1) When a customer places an order, they need to share valid contact details, for instance, a valid email address with correct spelling. This condition is put in place to ensure proper communication channels between the company and the customer about order placement, payment, and revision.

Incorrect or fraudulent provision of contact detail will be treated as a violation of our terms and conditions policy. Providing misleading information about phone numbers and email addresses will invoke a penalty on claims issued by the customer.  

B.2) Our company requires full payment in advance for the order to be placed. This early payment will initiate the services for the task. In a situation where the customer does not complete the full compensation, the company is not liable for delays in the order delivery.

Nonetheless, the company provides instalment payment options for customers who are unable to pay the amount in full. The customer can access these payment options through a request with our live chat representatives on the company website. 

B.3) All customers are required to disclose complete, detailed, and articulate instructions for the assignments, thesis, or dissertations. Incomplete instructions or details will require clarification, and the company will not be held responsible for subsequent delays in task completion and delivery on the set deadline.

Customers are encouraged to disclose complete instructional materials in the pre-set time periods. Further, if the customer requires amendments in the assignment instructions, they should be similar to the original order instructions.

The requisite amendments must not completely diverge from the original instructions; for instance, a thesis on family law cannot be amended to become a thesis on criminal law. 

B.4) The company maintains that our writers have the autonomy to conduct research using relevant materials through secondary online research. They are allowed to use evidence and analyses from journalistic articles, books, academic journals, case studies, as well as class material provided by the customer. 

B.5) The customer is instructed to either provide the material needed for the assignment or identify sources and source types required. The customer must provide access to content that requires charges on the internet.

The company is not responsible for the payment and acquisition of these sources. Further, the client must provide sources like notes, lecture slides, and textbooks as PDFs. Nevertheless, the company will acquire information sources from private online databases and only mine information from top sources for quality assurance. 

The customers must also attach the need for additional sources, primary or secondary, with the order details at the outset of the process. The customers must follow a two-step procedure for this request to be enacted.

Firstly, the customer must deliver all the requisite details before 12 hours of orderly delivery time if the assignments have a deadline that measures or exceeds three days’ time.

Secondly, all of the requisite details must be conveyed before 3 hours of order delivery if the assignment deadline is within 1-2 days.

Lastly, if the customer fails to follow this procedure, it would be a violation of the terms and conditions for the company. In this case, the company holds the right to deny the customer with any contracted claims. 

B.6) The customer is liable for identifying their academic level as they initiate the order. The writing team will not be responsible for mistakes in gauging academic levels to provide appropriately advanced assignments.

If a customer discovers an error in order details regarding academic levels, they must immediately inform the company for corrections. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure accuracy, for instance, in their status as an LLM rather than an LLB student. 

B.7) Each of the required revision details must be similar to the order details at the outset. The company holds the right to have its Quality Assurance team review the re-submission request and deny the request if the provided details diverge from initial order details.

The company then has the authority to charge additional amounts for revision requests with particulars and details dissimilar to the initial order. 

B.8) Provision of drafts is contingent on the length of deadlines. If the deadline for the order is longer than three days, customers can ask for drafts from the company. 

B.9) The customers must maintain communication with the company throughout. They must co-operate with the writing and Quality Assurance teams for the completion of the project. If the customer does not co-operate or communicate, the company has the ability to end the remunerated order delivery.

The company will not be responsible for urgent reimbursed payments, and any request for reimbursements will be dealt on a case-by-case basis. The Quality Assurance team will review all such cases based on company terms and conditions and propose a final decision. The company will then finalize and process this decision.

C. Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team provides quality assurance for assignments and has a zero-per cent plagiarism requirement for its team to ensure customer satisfaction. However, our policies regarding satisfaction guarantee are laid out in the following section: 

C.1) We provide writing services for reference and assistance purpose, We are strictly bound to rule of not providing our work as finalised but you can take assistance from it.

C.2) The customer has the right to an unlimited amount of amendments if they have satisfaction complaints at the point of submission. The amendments will be made in accordance with our revision policy where the company will not be liable for deadline expiration due to continuing revisions. 

C.3) The company will offer refunds in cases of failed assignments or poor grades. In this scenario, the Quality Assurance team will review the customer’s case and evaluate the need for compensation.

Our customers are privy to refunds within 10 days of the order deadline, but only if the refund request is placed within those ten days. If the customer asks for a refund after that time has passed, the company is not responsible for the issuance of compensations or reviews. 

C.4) In cases where assignments have high plagiarism rates, clients can ask for compensation. A Quality Assurance survey by our team will determine the remuneration depending on the percentage of plagiarism and client feedback.

Clients must request for compensation within the 10-day period after the order deadline has passed. If this time period expires, the company will no longer be liable for a refund.

C.5) The company provides a maximum of 70% of refunds for the advance payment. Company will, however, review special cases and provide refunds if they deem the customer entitled to refunds of more than 70% of the original payment.  

C.6) The company does not provide refunds as a general rule. If there are serious cases of plagiarism or assignment failure, the case might be sent under review. However, the original payment is still held valid in cases of plagiarism, and poor grades and the issues will be resolved through reviews and revisions by the Quality Assurance team.

There is no limit on the number of revisions the customer can request in these cases, as long as these requests are in line with our terms and conditions. The company will not be accountable for refunds if multiple revisions are committed. The company can offer the rewriting of the assignment by another writer or offer more revisions of the assignment.

C.7) The customer is asked to submit and process cases for refunds due to satisfaction complaints within 15 days after the order deadline. If customer-required amendments lead to the expiration of the 15-day period, the company will not be liable for refunds. 

D. Revision Policy

D.1) The company offers gratis review for customers as part of our revision policy. The revisions can be unlimited to attain optimum customer satisfaction, so long as our conditions for revisions are met. 

D.2) Customers need to attain revisions within a given time period, that is within twenty days after the deadline. The company’s revision policy states that the customer can ask for editing and revision tasks in 35 days if the orders exceed five thousand words.

If a customer orders tasks like dissertations of more than five thousand words, they are not liable to any additional charges within the 35-day period. 

The customer will, however, incur charges if they request amendments after this time has passed and after multiple revisions have been made.

If the customer is not satisfied with the work after the 20 or 35 day revision periods, they can place a request for refunds. These refunds will be entertained if the reasons are in line with our terms and conditions policies for refunds. 

D.3) The customer can ask for revisions and reviews of errors within five days after the task submission. However, this condition only applies to revisions for services other than research and writing.

D.4) The Quality Assurance team for our company has the authority to deny any revision requests that are not in line with our revision policy. As mentioned elsewhere, this applies to cases where the revision request details are different from the details submitted at the point of order placement.

Moreover, the Quality Assurance team has the authority to limit the number of revisions if they deem the exploitation of revision services. 

D.5) If the new directions for the assignment are different from the original order, the Quality Assurance team will immediately deny any request for revisions and direct the customer to pay additional charges. However, any direction in line with the original order will be entertained and amended. 

D.6) The company and the Quality Assurance department have the authority to deny any revision request without a need for an appeal or the disclosure of reasons behind the denial. Further, the company holds the authority to determine the validity of refund claims.

E. Refunds & Money-Back Guarantee

E.1) The company will not be accountable for plagiarism guarantees in the case of revisions, proofreading, and formatting. Only materials produced and written by our team will be processed through plagiarism software.

The company will not be liable to refund claims by the customer if the proofread work is found to have plagiarism. 

E.2) The company will be liable to give a 90% refund if the order deadline is missed by our writing team. The extra 10% will not be refunded as this is the incurred fee for online payment processing firms that process the order payments.

The residual payment of 90% left after this exchange is the fee for the company’s services and thus will be returned as a ‘full’ refund in case of missed deadlines. 

E.3) For a customer to claim a refund, they need to get in touch with a customer service representative on our website through a live chat option. They will need to report the particulars of their case and send an email request for a refund which will then be processed by the same representative.

The representative will then forward the case details to the Quality Assurance department to review the refund claim’s validity. 

E.4) After the claim has been sent in, the company’s concerned departments can either request an extension of the assignment deadline or review the claim process. If the company does not provide the assignment in the re-adjusted time period, you are liable to ask for full refunds.  

E.5) Clients are requested to peruse the Satisfaction Guarantee section of the terms and conditions to review policies on plagiarism, poor content, or failing grades to take further action and process refund claims. 

E.6) In accordance with these policies, the customer must determine a valid reason for a refund claim and process a claim with the refund department via email. You must respond to us within 72 hours after an email sent to you by our refund department.

If you will not respond back to us within 10 days, no refund will be made and that particular case will be closed permanently.

E.7) The company will only entertain and verify refund claims that have clear, valid reasons behind them and are in accordance with our refund policies. If the claim is valid, the company will accept the claim and start the refund process.

The Quality Assurance will, however, need the complete documents and materials for the case, and the customer must submit them timely for the team’s inquiry process. If the claim does not conform to the conditions placed in this terms and conditions section, the team holds the authority to deny refunds. 

The Quality Assurance team furthermore has the authority to allot percentages for the refunds after inter-departmental consultations and case inquiries. This means that the refund might not be returned in full in some cases. The company holds the authority to revoke refund requests if the customer does not provide documentation and valid reasons to the Quality Assurance team. 

E.8) In the case of refunds, the discounts applied to the initial order will be deducted. The Quality Assurance department will determine the complete amounts and percentages to finalize the amount the customer will receive. In the case of a 20 per cent discount on the order, the customer will receive a refund with a 20 per cent deduction. 

E.9) The company holds the authority to deny any and all refund requests where the order did not receive full payments or received partial payments at the outset. 

E.10) If any refunds are incurred on the work, the company has the authority to print, circulate, or sell the assignment or documents to external parties. The customer, in these instances, cannot claim rights to the refunded work and cannot use the assignment for their academic work. 

F. Quality Of Work

F.1) The company ensures high-quality services for customer satisfaction guarantees. However, the company does not make explicit claims of high grades. 

F.2) The company ensures high-quality works by enforcing high standards within its workforce. All of the company’s employees and service providers adhere to strict quality control regulations. Further, the company monitors its workforce to ensure full satisfaction. 

F.3) The company uses strict anti-plagiarism standards to ensure the documents and work submitted at the time of order delivery at 100% plagiarism-free and original. 

F.4) The company implements its high standards via a three-fold division of performance measures. These measures are called Bronze (2:2) standard, the Silver (2:1) standard, and the Gold (1st) standard.

The writing teams and their work receive these ranking to ensure quality and high standards of work. Nevertheless, the company does not make explicit claims for guaranteed high results. 

If a writer is not able to deliver a task at a particular level, higher-level writers can do the task in their place. In the case of the unavailability of a higher level writer, the company and the customer can mutually determine the writer for a higher-level task. 

F.5) All writers will deliver the work on particular deadlines set by the customer. If a writer fails to do so, the client will receive emails explaining the reason and a request for deadline extensions. The assistance teams will be notified in these cases and will facilitate the extensions. 

F.6) The company’s satisfaction guarantee conditions will be enforced if the writing and Quality Assurance team fail to deliver the quality and services provided in the section above. 

G. Cancellation Of Order

G.1) If the customer wishes to cancel the order, they must convey this to the company urgently. The customer will need to cancel the order in a 24-hour period if the order delivery is more than 3 days. If the deadline is within 1-2 days, the customer will need to inform the team immediately. 

G.2) In case of any cancellation, the company reserves the right to withhold 25% of the order payment. If the customer fails to cancel the order in the timelines set above, they will only receive 50% of the order payment as a refund. Further, if 40% of the given time period has ended, the order cannot be cancelled.

 G.3) The company can recompense 90% of the order amount for specific cases of order cancellations. This condition is applicable if specific software is unavailable for the task, if the client cannot pay for specialists, or if writers are not accessible.  

If the client has specific requirements for their orders, they should communicate these conditions with our customer care representatives on our website. The representatives are there to guide customers about the tasks day in and day out.

H. Disclaimer On Breach Of The Contract

H.1) As the customer allows for further order processing and initiation, a contract will be formed between the company and the customer. The customer must first agree to all the terms and conditions outlined here in order to proceed with the order. The customer will incur penalties upon breach of contract and will not be allowed to contest the terms and conditions or the company’s authority. 

H.2) In order to proceed with the order, the customer must accept and follow all terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to disengage with those who contest or break the conditions specified herein. 

H.3) The Quality Assurance team will have to produce a report for procedure approvals if a customer places a request for a refund claim. 

I. Amendments In Policies

I.1) The company reserves the authority to alter its policies, terms, conditions without prior notice to customers. Our terms and condition policy is provided on the company’s website. Customer must read and assent to the terms and conditions to forge a work contract with the company. Regular customers are advised to peruse and intermittently check the website for further updates on terms and conditions. 

J. Miscellaneous Provisions

J.1) Each of the company’s terms and conditions is outlined in the contractual agreement between the company and the customer. The contract provides the customer with guarantees in timely, high-quality service. It informs them of the authority of the company policies throughout the order process. Under the contract, the company is required to maintain confidentiality and secrecy as well as offer high-quality work.

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