Personal Statement Examples – How to Write a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is the unique statement of yours that you need almost every time when you need to take a step ahead in life. Whether you need to take admission in some university or have to go for a job or need to switch it, you need to have personal statement examples. It states your abilities, your urge and your competency. Universities look after your personal statement and decide whether to give you a seat or not. Same is the case with companies or organizations. They look how to write a personal statement while considering whether you are competent enough for the position or not.

Types of personal statements Examples:

  • Writing a Personal Statement Template for getting admission in the university
  • Personal statement writing for getting admission in college
  • Personal statement writing services for applying for a job
  • Personal statement examples for a career break
  • Personal statement for a career change
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The personal statement should be designed accordingly for the purpose you are going to use it. As requirements for getting admission in the university are definitely different from getting a job, so university personal statement should be designed differently. University or college wants to know about your potential of learning whereas the organization wants to know your enthusiasm for working. You should be very specific in writing your personal statement writing examples. Writing a personal statement example seems a difficult work but believe me, it’s just a matter of tactics and strategy. You only need to keep key points in mind while writing or designing your personal statement template.

So here I am mentioning important points to be kept in mind while writing a personal statement as well as an example of writing a personal statement.

Important parts of Personal statement:

  • Introduction
  • Main subject
  • Main interests or expertise
  • Ending


Personal statement templates should be arranged in a way that at the very beginning of it there should be an answer to, “Why I am inspired to do this?” or “Why I wanted to be here?” or “Why I am forced to applying for it?”

For applying for University:

If you are interested in getting admission in college or university, your introduction should be like;

“Since my childhood I was interested in technology. I used to explore gadgets in my home and was very fond of using a computer. My interest got arouse when my big brother did software engineering and used to make websites in front of me. From then I decided to follow his footsteps and become a computer scientist.”

For applying for Job:

If you are applying for a job, your introduction should be like;

I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic person who has recently completed my graduation in computer science and now looking for the best opportunities in web development to revolutionize the web development experience.

Main subject:

Writing a personal statement examples requires the main subject to be written beautifully. Consider it as the heart of the statement. It should have the answer, “Why should I be considered?” or “What value can I add?”

For applying for University:

If you are interested in getting admission in college or university, your main subject should be written like;

“Being a computer scientist is something full of power for me. I have discovered that the world is revolving around IT. It has become the most important factor in everyday life. No department is void of it. I wanted to be part of this IT globe. Wants to learn the power of computers and the World Wide Web, wants to know how software is developed and how it communicates. It all seems very unrealistic to me.”

For applying for Job:

If you are applying for a job, your introduction should be like;

My four years degree has provided me with enough skills and technical abilities. Though I learned all perspectives of software development I have become most interested in web development. I have decided to make a career goal of developing the best websites in the world. Especially I wanted to become a UI/UX designer as I love to play with colors. I own a unique taste of designing and wanted to implement it in website development.

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Main interests or expertise:

Main interests or expertise are also an important part of personal statement examples. It should be the answer to one of the following questions, “Which skills do I have?” or “What are my hobbies?” or “What working experience do I have?”

For applying for University:

If you are interested in getting admission in college or university, mention any hobbies or extra-curricular activities you have. Also relate it to the choice of subject or school you are applying for. An example here;

“Besides studies, I am also a book reader by hobby. I love to read books on technology and fiction. I especially read about the invention of different gadgets that arouse my interest more and more in computer science. I almost have read more than 100 books. I would love to join university literacy society as I know that due to my handsome knowledge on books I can be benefited for the society and it will also aid in increasing my knowledge”

For applying for Job:

If you are applying for a job, you must mention your previous work experience or projects you have done during graduation years. Mentioning such things will increase the interest of the recruiter on you. For example;

I have worked previously with a software company for two months during my summer vacations. There my responsibilities were concerned with designing websites. Moreover, I have worked as a freelancer in web designing. My clients are very happy with me and always rate me 5 stars. I have also done many university projects regarding web app development that have increased my skills.

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How to end a personal statement writing examples? Well, write about your hopes, expectations and what you can achieve if a position is granted to you.

For applying for University:

For university purposes, write what good you can do in the industry after graduating and how it will help yourself as well as humanity. For example;

“I have many plans and goals that I wanted to achieve after completing computer science. I wanted to open my own web-development company which aims in providing the best web designing services. I will also launch my own products. I want to play an important role in the IT world and want to rank my country name higher in IT globe.”

For applying A Job:

If you are applying for a job, your ending should speak what you wanted to achieve from working in this organization. For example;

I believe that by working in your organizations, my web-designing skills will get polished and I will be able to utilize my studies in the best way.”

In the end, we can say that if we want success in any field then we need to learn to write personal statement examples. Writing a good statement plays an important role in your success.