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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all FAQ also known as frequently asked questions are listed here. For any further query or issue, feel free to contact us. Our friendly team will assist you till you are satisfied.

EssaysnAssignments was established in 2009 to serve the students who are facing problems regarding their academic writings and tuition. We can proudly say that we have earned the reputation from our clients which help any firm to be stand in the market. Also we provide 100% refund facilities in some cases which helps customer to maintain trust on us.

We are available 24/7 and reply within 24 hours for any enquiry. So best time to contact is any time you wish, just open website and go to contact form and write up your query. Other then contact form, we have live chat and phone call facility available.

The discount is only to attract the client for first time or occasionally. But we are already offering such low prices that you will not require any further discount.

Moreover, it is not a hard and fast rule that EssaysnAssignments will not offer any discount. If you think you would have some discount, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your matters & requirements. May be you will be able to get any.

We can proudly say that all of our writing helpers are highly qualified and posses Bachelor or PhD degree in their subject. They have experience of several years and are known with the best submission and formatting techniques.

We are very strict on the customer satisfaction. For that, we put one expert to manually check your written material which you write after our helper’s assistance. After all, if the assignment have some unacceptable points or did not meet certain requirements, our expert will make those fixes for you.

We know very well that most of the students contact us when they are unable to complete their assignment which they have to submit. When they come to us for the help, usually the time duration is been shorten because of late awareness. So, this situation is normal for us to facilitate those students so that they can prepare their assignment in short time.

Of course we accept this condition because with EssaysnAssignments, you are completely independent in choosing the tutor.

Right now we are accepting payments via PayPal or Card including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as our secure payment method. If you want to pay via some other method, please contact and discuss with us.

We only offer the most secure payment methods but if any of our client wants to pay via some other way, we can accept his wish. The work will be started just after receiving the payment, paid through the other payment systems.

Usually, people afraid when filling the order form on writing services website because they think that if they even don’t place an order and they will be disturbed by frequent emails. And the second fear is leaking the identity to someone else when order has been placed.

You don’t have to worry about anything in either of above situation. We do not send email or messages to pupils who have unchecked our promotional emails check box. Also all the contact details kept confidential and no one have access to it accept the concern person to that order. Providing you the security and keeping your data confidential is part of our strict policy.

Situations when we offer refund facility:

  1. When a student does not achieve good markings so refund can be arranged according to our policies.
  2. When student found the helper is unable to deliver work in time.
  3. When you encounter the given material from your helper as copied or plagiarised.
  4. The writing format or techniques contains too much mess and unable to understand by a student getting help.
  5. When a student mistakenly pay us the fee twice.

In all above situations, we first offer to provide another help session freely otherwise the refund will be issued.

To find the list of writing services help which we are offering now, please visit our services page.

There are some ways to reach on order page as we put order now button on various places on each page. Moreover you can click the order now link on the top menu bar adjacent to the website logo & name.

After reaching on order now page, you have to fill up an easy form asking your identity, contact info, the topic, other details of the subject, the language, the delivery, etc. At the end there is a term & condition link for you to read so in this way, you know all of our conditions before placing an order. If those terms are okay for you then click the check box and press the “Place Order” button at the bottom. This is very simple form and no confusing questions there.

We always try to offer best services to our clients. If the help required will be so little and small that it will not consume too much time and concentration, it will be offered freely. But bunch of help which mainly required changing theme of writing piece which takes much time will go in editing service phase and that help will be charged. Also customer is required to ask for these small changes or revision according to our revision policy.

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