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The Four Main Types Of Academic Writing

Types Of Academic Writing

Learning academic writing is crucial for all students who want to ace their classes. These types of writing teach them to think critically. While also covering all the essential things and conveying all the main ideas in a proper format. Academic writing has many different names, like assignments, papers, essays, etc. But they all have the same purposes; to do justice to the topic you are writing about.

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Academic writing is about expressing your ideas as a response to what you have read or heard in class. But, that response is written profoundly and adequately. The ideas you share can be contradictory or compatible with that of your teacher’s or the text you read. There are four main types of academic writing used in colleges and universities.

Types Of Academic Writing

  1. Descriptive writing
  2. Analytical writing
  3. Persuasive writing
  4. Critical writing

Let’s see the difference between each type of academic writing.

Descriptive Academic Writing

This is the simplest type of academic writing, as its job is to state stats and figures. Like discussing how till 2010 the academic publications were skyrocketing in the gulf countries, but the figure went down significantly in 2018 via GCC. Another example of descriptive writing is writing a summary of any novel or book you read. You can also get an expert’s opinion about your writing from a thesis editor.

This means that descriptive writing is ideal for describing places, people, experiences, objects, or emotions. One thing that should be considered while doing descriptive writing is not to bluntly describe things but to describe them with a deeper meaning. A student should use this writing style to paint a picture/scenario which transports the reader to that scenario. But, if you are having difficulty in portraying what you feel in words, then instead of writing it, you can buy essay on a specific topic.

Analytical Writing

It is almost impossible for a college or university level essay to be merely ‘descriptive.’ They are also analytical –mostly the students who write or buy essay knows that it is essential for an essay to be analytical. Analytical writing means organizing the facts and information you collected and then describing them in various categories relevant to your essay.

You may find the categories you need to include in the essay from the information you collected. Otherwise, the categories need to be invented specifically for your essay (you can also hire a thesis editor if you are unable to make those categories yourself). For example, if you have to compare two types of studies in your essay, you might break that comparison in many parts. Like comparing studies in a social setting, in regards to language, and so on.

Persuasive Writing

Students don’t have to do persuasive writing until their professor specifically asks them. In this type of writing, you have to take a step further from analytical writing and include your opinions. This means that your persuasive essay will include all the elements of an analytical essay, along with your point of view. The element of persuasion is added to the introductory discussion and conclusion of the academic article you write or when you buy essay.

Your point of view can be in the form of evaluation, argument, or even recommendations. One thing you need to make sure of is that no matter what kind of view you add to your writing, you will have to support it with some evidence.

For example, if you are writing about higher education in the UK and argue that the education was better in 2019 than 2020, you will have to give a reference or published source to back up your argument. Before you give any recommendations or argue something, make sure you have proper evidence to make your stance strong. If you are unable to make a good argument with proper reference, you can also hire a thesis editor to solve this problem.

Critical Academic Writing

Critical writing is a crucial part of advanced academic studies and basic research. This writing has all the features of persuasive writing. And an additional feature showing two different points of view (one of which will be your own). For example, if you are writing criticism of some literature review, you need to show another critic’s view along with your views.

This type of witting requires a lot of practice and excellent writing skills. For acing your critical essay, it is recommended that once you are done with it, you get it checked by a good thesis editor. If you find critical writing challenging, you can buy essay that can be customized according to your topic.

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Academic writing is a compulsory exercise that every college/university student goes through. Since every student has to do above mentioned type of writing at least twice or thrice in their academic life; it is better to learn everything about it. You should familiarize yourself enough with the types of academic writing that you don’t make blunders while doing it.

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