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What Is the Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation?

If you are moving towards your higher studies, then you are going to face many challenges. These challenges will be for your assignments and courses. But, the biggest challenge you will meet will be regarding your thesis & dissertation. This challenge is so difficult to overcome that more than 30% of the students (in America) drop out of college due to stress. And 41.6% of students develop anxiety in colleges.

It is also difficult for students to identify the difference between thesis and dissertation. That is why we have decided to mention some of the most prominent and some less prominent features of both. This is because both these types of paper writing happen at different times in the academic life of students.

Difference between thesis and dissertation

Before we move to the difference between thesis and dissertation, we are going to briefly explain to you what a thesis is and what a dissertation is.

What are the specifications of a thesis paper?

A thesis is a scholarly paper that a student is supposed to write and submit in order to earn a ‘Masters’ degree. A thesis is one step toward what the students have usually been writing in terms of year-endpapers or assignments. This paper requires expertise on the specific subject which is a student is studying.

What are the specifications of the dissertation?

When students are done with their master’s program and move on to earn their Ph.D., they write their dissertations. This academic area requires the student to conduct their own research and produce a dissertation. The dissertation is a very lengthy piece of writing, a detailed research compilation of all the research the student has done.

Now, since you know what a thesis & dissertation is, we will move on to their differences. These difference that we are going to discuss will help you in understanding the paper you are about to write in a more proper way. So, that when you have to write a thesis or dissertation, you don’t mistake one type for the other type or vice versa.

Let’s read on and learn something new about these paper types today.

Two differences between dissertation and thesis

A major difference is based on level of studies.

The graduation or masters students submit thesis, and the doctorate level students perform dissertation.

The basic difference between both paper types

The basic difference between dissertation and thesis is that they both produce different degrees when a student completes it. When a thesis is made complete, it produces or awards a master’s degree to the students. On the other hand, Ph.D. or doctorate is awarded to the student when they write or complete a dissertation.

Dissertation comes after thesis because of the academic ladder.

The structural difference between the both paper types

A thesis is somewhat similar to the research and academic papers students have been writing since their undergrad. It is an advanced form of academic writing. In a thesis, the student researches a topic, analyzes it, and then comments on that topic against their point of view. The commentary and point of view of the student are what make a thesis.

It requires the student to think critically about the topic they have chosen and also show their ability to discuss the information gathered on the particular issue in the aptest way.

Finally, a thesis requires the student to compare and contrast two-three significant works related to the topic and then come up with a befitting and unique hypothesis. Usually, a thesis is only 5K to 6K words.

A dissertation comes nowhere close to what students have done previously in their academics. In this paper (more like a book), the student must pick a more profound and detailed topic and then use other people’s research on a similar topic to discuss the point they want to make. The research done in this paper type is more extensive and thorough than that of the thesis.

A dissertation is a highly complex piece of writing, and it is almost 4x lengthier as compared to a thesis. It is so advanced that students who chose to do their doctorate; allotted a separate advisor to help them get through with this paper. The advisor helps the students whenever they are stuck with their dissertation or when they face any hurdles.

The ending note on difference of thesis and dissertation

These were some of the fundamental differences between a thesis and dissertation. We recommend it highly that every student takes help and guidance from learned professors when they face issues in writing either of those things.

The structure and writing style should be kept in mind while writing both these papers. The style should be highly academic and formal.

We hope that this brief guide helped you in understanding the difference between a dissertation and a thesis.

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