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Students Continue to Drop out of Universities

An alarming increase has been seen in recent years as students continue to drop out of universities. Approximately 62% of students have withdrawn from their respective universities in recent times, as lecturers report.


There could be many reasons for it. One of the most common reason of students dropping out of universities is that they fail to handle the transition from high school to university. It can become quite overwhelming for some students and thus difficult to cope with.

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Drop Out Statistics

According to the statistics of over 140 institutions in the UK, it has been observed that all subjects have seen an alarming dropout rate over time. Does it imply that studying at a university has become a rather thought-out decision? Has the number of students limited to a very few who wish to acquire higher education? What has been the main reason for the students not completing their degree? Are the students more into internships and other schemes? Also, if there is a problem with student retention in failing to complete their degrees- how can it be solved? How measures can be taken to make them realize the importance of higher education.

Some of the universities in the UK with the highest number of dropout rates:

Name of University Dropout Rates (%)
Bolton University 15.4
Suffolk University 13.6
Bedfordshire University 15.2
London Metropolitan University 18.6
Plymouth University of Art 12.5
Middlesex University 12.6
SRUC 12.9

Among these, the highest number of dropouts is in the London Metropolitan University, with a striking dropout of 18.6%.

Whatever be the reasons, it is high time; students should be informed on what options can they opt for if they struggle in a particular course? What other options do they have access to?

What Can Be Done

1. Changing the Teaching Model

One of the many things that could be done to stop the number of students dropping out of university is to make changes in the teaching model. The management in charge should thoroughly look into the teaching practices and try to make significant changes to their teaching style. Since, in today’s age, students are more into digital platforms, it is a good idea to make use of digital platforms in the class to engage the students and get the best out of them.

Times have changed. Students would not want to be treated like the older times and would want newness in the way they are taught. The only way to make sure that they continue their degree is to make them attached to the teaching model. Making use of newer technologies and innovative ways is a good idea to hold their attention.

2. Financial Support

Many students fail to continue their degrees pertaining to their financial instability. They find it difficult to fee high fees and make ends meet. Thus they are left with no other option than to drop out.

To address this issue, students can be offered financial support and easy instalment and loan plans so that they can select the plan most suitable to their needs. Students come from different backgrounds having different socio-economic conditions; therefore, by offering financial support, universities might notice a decrease in the number of students leaving their degrees midway.

Also, easy return policies will be a great help to the needy students, so once they finish their degree, they can easily pay back the loans they had taken for their university fees.

3. Digital Poverty

Many students are not equipped with digital devices and fail to meet the advancing needs of university life. Students coming from rural areas do not have access to the new and innovative digital devices, and thus they lack behind. One way to tackle this issue is to provide the facilities so that they can make use of them while they are at the university.

In this way, if these ideas are implemented, some improvement might be seen. These tips, if acted upon with a planned strategy, will definitely help in overcoming the number of students dropping out of the university.

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