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10 Hacks Of Amazing Story Writing

Story Writing

When you grab a paper and a pen and start to write down your ideas, to create a story or write a review, you’ll come across different ideas about how to improve your story writing and book review writing skills.

There are always some tips and tricks for such a task, which will make your job done quickly. You’ll need to work on new techniques that will boost up your writing skills. Yet it will tell you how to write a fantastic writing piece. Follow these tips and hacks to improve your story writing and book review writing skills.

1. Story Writing Is Best If Done In One Sitting

Write it quickly and in one sitting. Ideas don’t stay for long, so you should be quick and write down whatever comes to your mind. Story writing and book review writing is good when backed up by strong idea, and the idea is only strong the moment it clicks into the mind. Try to write it down in one sitting, that your ideas do not go astray.

2. Story Writing Requires Big Thinking

It is only an idea on which something is written. To write an impressive piece of writing, one must think big. The bigger the ideas, the greater your writing skills will polish. And you will be able to improve your story and book review writing skills.

3. Edit And Review Thoroughly

Once you have written your ideas on paper, keep on reviewing them again and again. It will make you come up with different and new ideas. Editing will allow you to see your mistakes and error. And when will spot those errors, you will improve your story writing skills.

4. Share Your Story And Reviews Everywhere

Whatever you have written up till now, please don’t keep it to yourself. Make an audience for your writing so that you receive appreciation and criticism. That will undoubtedly help you in improving your writing skills. And try to accept the criticism so that you may learn more about anything.

5. Focus More On The Audience And Write Accordingly

If you write what readers want to read, your story, or anything that you write will be more read and discussed if you select a specific group of audience. That will not directly help you to write a good story, of course. But it will help you become a better story writer and book review writer. So, it will spread your work for more viewers and readers.

6. Create A Word Tornado In Story

Readers are always looking up for the excitement and thrill, and adventure. If you have to improve your story writing skills, you have to create a word tornado in your story. The same can be done in book review writing and with other writing pieces as well. There should be liveliness in the text that will engage more and more readers towards it. And that will make your story or your book review writing more readable, and the writer will itself feel the improvement that he has attained.

7. Stick With Your Ideas

When writing a story or a book review, sticking to the point is most important. So, you may not lose any of your followers because of the redundant ideas that you are discussing in a text. Skip the redundant part and focus on the main and more promising idea on which you are writing a story or a book review.

8. Practice More And More

Never settle for less, even for writing, you have to make quite an effort by writing more and more and practicing it further. Story writing and book review writing requires practice, just like other things. So, keep your eyes on everything while writing so that you may never settle for less while even writing.

9. Read The Best Story Writers

For story writing, it is necessary to read first! You are looking forward to improving your story writing and book review writing skills, for that you must have to read the best writers of all time, go for the top sellers, go for the literary canon. The more you will explore, the merrier will be your skill.

10. Whatever You Think To Write, Write It

Write without prejudice, and do not write under any pressure. Write when you feel like because you can not force it. For better and improved story writing, your focus should be on thinking freely. And don’t judge what you are writing; instead, edit it review it, and write it again.

All you are going to need is the knack of writing. And then you shall be able to improve not only your story writing and book review writing but anything you want to write, by following these simple tips and hacks. And you will be able to create and write an amazing story or book review.

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