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Selecting Dissertation Topic For Undergraduate/Masters Degree


Dissertation topic selection is an initial and the most significant step in writing a dissertation paper. This is the most important choice that a student has to make, whether writing it for an undergraduate or master’s degree program. However, it should be noted that the topic for a master’s dissertation is more demanding as compared to an undergraduate dissertation paper. The topic eventually decides how long will it take to write the paper and how well it can be composed.


A topic should be chosen after a lot of brainstorming and working. Before selecting a topic, you should make sure to answer these questions, such as, what is the worth and significance of the topic? Has there been any previous secondary research conducted on the same topic? Is there any significant material present on the internet? Will you be able to find good information enough to write a dissertation paper? How is it going to contribute to the relevant field?

Having answered these questions, you will be able to decide if the topic you have selected is good and engaging enough to write a dissertation paper on it.

Here we have compiled a guide for you to decide on a dissertation topic:

1. Choose A Topic

When selecting a topic, make it a thing to read all the relevant literature you can find related to your topic. Put your ideas in one place and work on them and see if it is that good of a topic to be used as a dissertation topic. A dissertation topic has to be unique and different, one which gives a whole new perspective of looking at things but should also have relevant information available regarding it on the internet. To seek guidance, you can always talk to your peers or your supervisors or guide you with dissertation paper.

2. Do the Brainstorming

When you have finally shortlisted five ideas that you feel are relevant for your research, you can put them together, see how much information is available and then decide on the best option. Do a little research on each topic and then decide which topic is best for dissertation paper.

3. Finalize the Right Topic

The topic you choose should be interesting and engaging. One that holds your attention and keeps you hooked. If you choose a topic only for the sake of it, then you will probably not be able to stay motivated for a long time and require assistance of dissertation makers. Your dissertation topic should not be very narrow or too broad; otherwise, you would not be able to handle it and thus do justice to it.

The topic should be as such that it makes a positive contribution to the world of knowledge and research. It should be done keeping in mind the deadline you have been assigned by your supervisor. Any topic which is too vast should not be selected, keeping in mind the time frame you are expected to complete it in.

Always remember that the topic you choose should have a new angle and a new perspective and should be something new to add to the field of research.

4. Looking for Ideas

When you have selected the desired topic, you wish to know where you can look out for relevant information. There are a lot of sources you can seek the help of, such as your teachers, mentors, libraries, papers published in that field or maybe the professionals who are working in that particular field.

5. Topic Selection for Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student, you should know that you are writing more of a thesis and less of a dissertation. The work and information that you put in your paper are relatively less than what you put in a dissertation paper. However, bear in mind that the significance of your work is not affected, and your paper is as important as a masters’ students’ is.

6. Topic Selection for Masters Students

A master’s or PhD dissertation is complex and very much more demanding. The word count is higher, a number of pages, involves days and months of research, finding out about relatively difficult and hard topics. Difficult but definitely not impossible to do if you intend to.

Keeping in mind the guide given above, you can easily choose a topic, do a short research and then finalize one topic that you wish to continue with. Whether it is your undergraduate paper or master’s paper, both of them require hard work, patience and deliverance, but in the end, it is totally worth every single drop of your sweat!

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