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Tips To Write The Best Literature Review

Literature Review For Research Papers

As everyone related to colleges and universities knows that a literature review is a sum of all the books, journals, scholarly articles, and any other authentic sources. Which a student declares to cover in a research paper. However, you might be looking for how to write a literature review for our research papers.

In this review, all the sources mentioned above are discussed with a critical evaluation of how the pupil is writing a research paper.

A literature review provides a synopsis of which sources students will refer to in the paper and how they will use it to prove their point. These reviews are also used as a supporting element, while the student researches a specific topic and explains how this topic can aid a broader field of study.

Writing a review can be challenging for a student who doesn’t know its purpose.

We have taken it upon ourselves to explain all we can do about it. And also, we have discussed a few tips that will help any student on how to write a literature review for his paper.

What Is A Good Literature Review?

An excellent review has different categories and some analytical features, like combining old and new information to develop a better result and highlighting the main progress in the field.

It also discusses the gap or the problem that you face regarding your topic in the conclusion of the literature review.

Adding these elements to your review will help the readers comprehend what you are trying to convey in your research papers.

The Types Of Literature Review

You need to know which type of literature review you want to write.

Is it going to be argumentative, integrative, methodological, historical, or systematic?

To decide which type of review will be best for your research papers, it is suggested that you study your topic thoroughly. If your case is more inclined towards history, then choose a historical review. If the subject is towards convincing someone to agree to your point of view, select the argumentative type.

Remember, a useful literature review is written in perfect harmony with the topic (the style and matter complement each other). Let us take a quick look at the types of literature reviews.

Argumentative Review

This type is for supporting or refuting a claim already established in the past. Choosing this type means that you want a contrarian point in your review. But, you have to make sure that you don’t get biased while presenting your argument.

The Integrative Review

This type of review includes all the reviews and studies that show the same result as the problem on which the research papers are based. Mostly the reviews of social sciences prefer this type of review.

Methodological Review

This literature review focuses on how something was determined (the method). In this type, the researcher explains the method of how a hypothesis came to be a result (what led to it).

Historical Review

This type of review focuses mainly on topics over a while. It traces a specific matter throughout history until a particular timeline.

It shows the beginning of a sure thing and shows how it developed through the ages, which also provides future research potential.

Systematic Review

This type evolves through the evidence that already exists, which aids in clearly defining the research question/problem.

This research type is mostly used in the medical field, where an existing cure is already taken as a base of further studies.

Tip #1 – The Structure Of Your Research Paper’s Literature Review

You should include the following things in your review:

  1. An outline of everything you will discuss along with your research papers’ objective.
  2. Division of your work under clearly defined categories like works that support your topic, those that oppose it, alternatives, etc.
  3. A clear explanation of how your chosen study relates to your work and a conclusion sums up everything you have written convincingly.

If you follow this structure, you will find some sample literature review as a reference because most universities and their students use this format.

Tip #2 – Critical Evaluation For Research Papers

It is the rule of most universities that you have to take at least 10-12 sources (books, journals, articles, etc.) to discuss in research papers.

Once you have 10-12 relevant sources to cite in your paper, you will need to evaluate them critically. While assessing each source in your paper, you must ensure these things.

  • Provenance: This refers to everything about the author of the book. His credentials, his views, his ideas, narrative style, findings, etc. (anything that affects your paper.
  • Method: This includes whether or not your way of collecting data appropriately. In what way do you address the problem, and was your evidence relevant to your paper’s question.
  • Objectivity: This refers to the ideas of the author, whether his views objective or biased? Did he ignore the most evident facts, or did he do justice to his work?
  • Valueablity: This, too, refers to the author of the book, whether he presented his argument convincingly and whether he has a good understanding of the subject.
  • Persuasiveness: This means comparing all your sources and seeing which of them is the most convincing and the least.

Tip #3 – Voice Your Thoughts

It is good to have references or evidence backing up what you say. But, that doesn’t mean that you only talk in references. You should show your opinions clearly and loudly in your literature review and all your research papers.

When you decide to write your literature review, make sure to follow these tips because they can help you write wondrous research papers. However, always remember to stick to the format of the paper and to analyze each source appropriately.

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