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How to write the best narrative essay

Key steps to writing a professional narrative essay

If you are a college student, your professors must have asked you at least once or twice to write a narrative essay. It is very much possible that you being a new student, were not completely clear on what narrative essays are.

So what are narrative essays? A narrative essay is an academic essay, just like every other academic essay. But the only difference between a narrative and other essays is that it revolves around a story. It tells all the elements of the story in a detailed way.

Mostly the narrative essays are for telling stories about yourself or someone else. Telling stories is a part of our everyday life but writing about a story to get good grades is different. The stories don’t need to be accurate, but they need to be engaging. Furthermore, the narrative essay you write should have essential elements like intro, rising action, climax, falling action, and a conclusion.

These essays mostly have a personal and pragmatic touch to them, which gives them a creative hue. It is without a doubt that narrative essays are one of the most fun essays to write. But, regardless of that, you still have to write them academically, by the rules of academic writing.

Steps to write a good narrative essay

Before you sit to write a narrative essay for your college, you should know about the steps required to write it. Because if you don’t know about the steps, you can mess up your essay and get bad grades. You cannot force yourself to write a perfectly crafted narrative essay unless you are well aware of how to write it. And because of this reason, we will provide you with easy vital steps to write your narrative essay.

Think about the topic

Before you begin your writing, you need to consider a story topic. Your topic should be interesting and exciting for the reader and also for you. Choose a topic that will help you turn a truth into a story, which makes you share your experiences with others.

Make your draft

Writing a narrative essay perfectly in your first attempt is very hard. That is why you need to plan your essay. Before writing, you should make a narrative essay outline and include everything you want to discuss in your essay in that outline.

After you write your outline, start writing your essay. The first time you complete your essay will be your first draft. But as you keep polishing and editing it, you will end up with the best version of your essay. While writing, ensure that you meet all the narrative essay requirements.

This method is used by many essayists worldwide.

Read some similar narrative essays.

The best way to understand how to write a good narrative essay is by reading other’s narrative essays. The more example of the essay you read, the more you will be able to understand the general idea of how to write it. You will understand how to approach the essay and how to narrate a story perfectly.

Element of your story

Almost all the stories contain certain elements. Like description, plot, setting, climax, etc. Including these elements in your essay will help in making it more academically attractive. Your essay will attract more attention of readers and will make them talk about it. Ensure your story has all such elements and is discussed with proper grammar and structure to make it ideal.

Point of view of the narrative

Anyone who reads your essay should clearly see what your role is in it. This is why you should mention all the details of the story you are narrating. Apart from this, you should also include your part in the whole narrative event.

References and support

Always remember that an academic paper is only as effective as its references and supporting arguments. If you don’t back whatever you are writing with solid proof, no one will consider your work legitimate. Even when you are talking about your thoughts and experiences, try to back them with some references.

Besides this, you should also never include useless and extra details in your paper. Don’t make your paper too confusing and hard to read. Don’t use complicated jargon. Try to add specific information and make the essay as readable and interesting as possible.

Structuring your essay

The structure is one of the essential parts of any academic paper or essay. Any essay help will be incomplete if it doesn’t have the following things: an introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusion.

In the introduction, you tell your readers what your essay is about, introduce them to your topic and welcome them to your essay. The main body paragraphs are for you to discuss your arguments and ideas. Make sure you list everything chronologically. The timelines should be in sequence and incorrect order. The conclusion is where you summarize what you said so far and then mention the limitations you faced while writing the essay.

Double-check everything and revise the essay

Your essay will almost be complete by now. So, now all you have to do is check if you have fulfilled all the requirements provided by your professor. An excellent way to ensure that you have covered everything is by making a list of all the requirements and then checking them in the end.

At this point, you also need to revise your essay for final edits and corrections. You can also ask your peers and friends to give your essay a read and point out any issues they think you should take care of.

These were the eight steps of writing an excellent narrative essay. We hope that this brief guide will help you in coming up with the ideal narrative essay and will also help you in getting good grades. If you follow these guidelines, we guarantee that you will end up with the most impressive essay in your class.

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