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How To Write An Impeccable Case Study Assignment

The first step to writing a case study assignment is to understand why we write it and what purpose it serves. It is a critical analysis and requires the reader to fully understand and investigate the purpose at hand, point out the problems and devise solutions for them. It is a deeper approach to a topic as compared to research and requires a student’s analytical skills at work.

Actually makes a student use their analytical skills. However, it is good to know that a case study has to be written after proper planning and research. Usually, students find it difficult to find relevant information appropriate to their topic. This type of assignment is challenging because it requires the use of multiple sources to write the assignment. These sources include various means such as documentaries, interviews, articles etc. However, To deal with such complex assignments countless number of students approach pro-writers to do my assignment for me uk.

Types of Case Study

When writing a case study assignment, you should know which type it is and what its requirements are. Whatever be the type, you are expected to write critically, correct and detailed response answers.

Some of the types of case studies are:

  • Cumulative case study
  • Case study for investigative purpose
  • Illustrative case study
  • Case study of a critical issue


1. Analyze the Problem

A very first step in writing a case study is to find the problem and look out for reasons that lead to it. For example, a case study topic could be the reason for the downfall of fast food chains and their incompetence in generating revenues.

Once you have been assigned a topic, start researching relevant information related to it. Keep on saving any related information you find for later use. When you have collected all the necessary information, you can now compile them and start writing your case study by using specific arguments with references.

2. Find the Root Cause of the Problem

Another major step is to point out what led to the problem. In the case of the example mentioned above, you can work on what led to the sudden downfall, a change in the eating habits or the increasing health problems in the society that made people stop their consumption of oily fast foods.

You can give solutions and devise a way out only when you know the root cause of the problem.

3. Background Review

To study an issue, it is of significance to study what led to it. Also, the graph of consumption of food should be taken into account to see the pattern and how it changed. You can never work on an issue without prior information and details.

4. Give Best Possible Solutions

When writing a case study assignment, you should at least mention 2 to 3 solutions along with their advantages and disadvantages. The reader would know what to expect if they follow a particular solution.

It will give a comprehensive idea to the reader and help them in evaluating the overall situation and making appropriate decisions.

5. One Relevant Answer

You should give one main answer to the question of your case study assignment. Also, you should justify and mention the reasons for giving the specific solution. Explain why it should be chosen and support your ideas with strong statements and arguments.

For this, you can also refer to your class lectures and your books to help you frame your ideas in a better way. You should incorporate your ideas to give the case study a personal touch as well as the ideas you have formed during your research.

6. Proofreading and Citation

When you have finally written your case study assignment, you should read, re-read and revise your content for any errors or discrepancies. See if the thesis statement is sound and specific and not ambiguous and confusing. Moreover, check that your evidence is authentic and credible. Formatting and organization are another important part of your study and should not be neglected at any cost; your ideas look good when they are put in a presentable manner.

Citation is an important part. There are four types of citations used:

  • Harvard style format
  • APA style format
  • MLA style format
  • Chicago style format

For any citation that you use, you should make sure to properly follow the guidelines of that styles format.

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