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How To Write A Dissertation Using Primary Research?


The research project is a vast and tedious process, which needs to be handled with extra efficiency as any error or shortcoming on the part of the researcher can lead to great trouble during primary research.

When you are deciding whether you can write a dissertation using primary research or not, it is important to know what primary research is?


A primary research refers to any information that is gathered first-hand. This means that the information is gathered based on the researcher’s first-hand exposure and research. It means to get the facts for themselves instead of relying on preconceived notions.

Primary research plays an integral part where the data collected is relevant to the subject. For example, if a company wants to know how many people prefer their tea brand, so they will have to conduct primary research which will cover people’s perceptions and their first-hand opinions.

Thus, in this case, one cannot rely on any pre-existing data. This information that is gathered through primary research is unique and different for every brand or company!

It is not anything to fear about primary research and can easily be carried out by a layman, like a university student carrying out primary research for their university project.

Who want to know people’s reaction to their new product launch? It is a research which is under the control of the researcher.

To craft an effective dissertation using primary research, we have listed steps to guide you.

Choose your Research Methodology

Time you intend to use a primary research method, you should first decide if you wish to choose a qualitative, quantitative or mixed research method.

When you have finally chosen the method, you will be able to carry out the research with a proper plan in your mind.

Where qualitative data is concerned with people’s ideas and opinions, quantitative data revolves around numbers and numerical. A mixed methodology is a combination of both these research methodologies and gives a more comprehensive understanding of the topic under discussion.

Choose Your Participants

When you first start research, you have to decide whether you have to collect data samples from several people and how many people involved are in it. On the other hand, if it’s a case study you are working on, only limited people will be involved in it.

Also, you will have to decide the number of participants involved and where will they belong; if they will belong to similar or different educational or socioeconomic backgrounds.

Another important part is to decide how you are going to select relevant people, such as the people involved will be bringing in more participants.

Moreover, it is highly important that the participants must sign an agreement form where they agree to participate in the research and agree to all the terms and conditions stated.

Decide on the Means of Collecting Data

Another significant part is deciding how you wish to collect the required data. For example, it could be through interviews, polls, or observations.

When you have finally decided on the method of collecting information, the next step is to find out what questions you need to ask to carry out your research. You will have to frame proper questions to get the best out of research paper.

If you are planning on conducting a poll, you will have to decide what should be the available options for the audience to choose from. Your options should be relevant to your chosen topic.

An observation analysis could be carried out by observing people’s behavior over a period of time and how their choices have shaped over a time period.

Research Topic and Level of Studies Compatibility

The research topic and your level of studies should be compatible. For example, undergraduate topics are typically not that complicated and complex.

In the case of an undergraduate program, primary research is conducted based on qualitative, quantitative or, in some cases, mixed research. Interviews are more commonly used than case studies and factual observations in such cases.

With quantitative research, statistical analysis is not very complex and hard. In undergraduate research, you conduct comparatively easier research because, at this stage, you are only learning the basics of research.

Graduate students have to present more comprehensive and in-depth research using proper measures and suitable methods. Their thinking capability is more critically assessed as compared to an undergraduate’s.

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