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How to Prepare For Oral Dissertation Defence | The One Last Hurdle.

If you are a grad student, you are most likely on your way to completing your dissertation. However, after the elephant has left, only its tail is left behind; and that tail is an oral defence of your dissertation.

You must already know what a dissertation is and how you are supposed to approach it. But, once you write your paper and hand it over to your supervisor, the time will come for you to defend your dissertation.

But, what is a dissertation defence?

Your dissertation defence meeting consists of a committee with your professors and supervisors looking over your dissertation. Apart from your professors, the committee may also include learned people related to your field of work.

During your defence, the committee will ask you questions about your dissertation and talk to you about it. The main reason why defences happen is that the committee wants to ensure that you know a great deal about your field and dissertation topic. A dissertation defence is just 20 minutes long. So, you need to plan accordingly.

The only way to earn your dissertation is if you clear your oral dissertation defence. But, now the important question arises regarding how you can prepare for this important dissertation defence. For that, we are here to give you pointers.

Tips to prepare for Dissertation defence

Now that you are so near your degree, it won’t be good if you lose it after getting so near it. That is why it is important to prepare for your dissertation defence in the best way possible. The most recommended service for an exceptional quality that bring outstanding results to students is Masters Dissertation Help

1 Anticipate the questions you might be asked:

It is something that you must already know, that you need to prepare for expected questions that the committee might ask you. The best way to prepare for these questions is by looking at the relevant questions of your topic. Of course, you won’t know what they will ask you. But, if you are well versed about your topic and have read extensively for the dissertation defence, then hopefully, you will ace it. So, read your dissertation, papers, articles, and anything related to your topic you might find, make pointers and try to remember them.

2 Dress professionally:

The first impression is indeed the last, and since your dissertation defence is a formal event that will determine whether or not you get good grades for graduation, it calls for you to get dressed seriously. Your dressing will show how serious you are about your graduation and how well you will glide through this challenging process. Unfortunately, many universities in the UK don’t tell students how to dress, but you should still dress like you are attending the biggest conference of your life.

3 Take off some stress:

If you have someone you trust, you can give them some sort of responsibility to take off some stress from your mind. Provide them with something small like setting up the place with multimedia, getting the brochures ready for your defence day, or distributing handouts. A small thing off your plate might make a huge difference when feeling stressed.

4 Dealing with your anxiety:

Anxiety and stress are bound to happen on your dissertation defence day because it is such an important day in your academic life. However, since it will be your first time, your committee will be expecting you to be nervous. And it is normal to be stressed and nervous.

But, if you are well prepared, your anxiety will melt away once you are seated in front of the committee and have exchanged pleasantries. Your examiners will know that your heart is racing, and they will be empathetic with you. All you need to do is ensure that you go for your dissertation defence fully prepared.

5 Have a backup plan for everything:

Technology has a habit of glitching when you can’t afford it to glitch or malfunction. Due to this reason, you should always have a plan b so that if your laptop doesn’t start for your PowerPoint presentation, you should have your USB ready for plugging in another source. Apart from this, always keep an extra shirt so that if any mishaps happen, you will have a spare shirt.

Another thing you should have a plan b for is when you don’t know the answer to a certain question. In such a case, you can say that you don’t know the answer, or you can say that people who are professionals working in this field are working tirelessly to solve this problem. Now, being an academic, you can be a better judge of what will sound better during the interview.


These were some tips for you to keep in mind when planning for your dissertation defence. If you practice these things, we can guarantee that your oral defence will go smoothly.

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