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How To Write An Essay Outline Perfectly


A good essay outline determines how good your essay writing will be. You should know how to write an essay outline with a proper structure like an expert.

On our way to an expert essay outline

There is no way in which you can write a good without proper outlining. If you are writing for just a class activity, then fine, you can write without an outline. But, if your whole grade is on the line –then you need to reconsider whether or not to write an essay outline. An essay worth A+ is written after proper research and after spending time structuring the framework.

If you are not sure about creating a framework, then this blog is specifically for you. We are confident that by the end of this blog, you will be able to craft a perfect outline. However, if this is not the case, you can always take help from the essay outline example. These examples will be available online and also in your college’s archives.

So, let us get on our way to the journey of an expert essay outline.

The first step – the organization

So, before we can start on the framework. We need to ask you, ‘do you know exactly what your topic is and what your argument is? If yes, then great. If not, then you need to research that. You should be sure about your topic, and you should have proper primary and secondary material for that. If you are prepared in the regard that we mentioned before, you can only ask how to construct an essay outline from us.

All the data that you have maybe currently out of order physically. But, it will be in order in your mind. So, what you need to do is that you should number your data chronologically for your essay outline. You should arrange it in such a way that it helps you when you sit and ask yourself how to write an essay outline. It is important to remember that you should not depend on other’s thoughts at this point. It is your essay, and only your opinion matters.

The second step – generalizing

Now, since you have organized your data, you need to assign it to categories. Ask yourself the question ‘if I had to put this (specific topic) under a category, then where will I put it?’ once you ask this question yourself, then generalizing will be easier. You can also take help from some essay outline examples in this regard.

The generalizing of data will help you in reducing your material into one page. The next thing on the list is to go through your category headings. Analyze whether they look natural or forced, are they repeated, or are two headings the same? A good thing that comes out of generalizing is that you will realize if some data is no more needed or relevant for your essay. So then, you can remove it from your essay outline.

Give a final read to the category list and remove any irrelevant things from it like writers at EssaysnAssignments do. Afterward, you will be left with only the relevant data.

The third step – ordering

At this point, you may be wondering when we will get to the ‘how to construct an essay outline’ part. The fun thing is that we are already at it without you even realizing it. In fact, we are almost at the ending of it.

So, that you are left with only the relevant data, all of which is properly organized, the process of ordering it won’t be complicated. To begin with, you should start with the most basic category. Now, keep your thesis statement (argument) in mind and look for statements that briefly supports your argument. After this, you explain this statement a bit by using academic language and then add other smaller categories that support the bigger one. Separate the types in the supporting and against section.

Repeat this procedure until all the groups are sorted in to and fro parts of the essay outline. The arrangement of all the groups should be done naturally and not forcefully –like going with the flow.

The final step – putting everything together

All the things that you have done up till now include in your essay outline. All your work on separating the material, categorizing them, and ordering it will construct your outline. And now, people can ask you for help on how to construct an essay outline.  

When you sit to type or write your essay, you basically won’t have to do any hard work now because you already did that when you constructed your essay outline. Your paper will follow the pattern and sequence of the outline you created. You will first mention the argument in your favor and then its subparts. Then you will mention the argument which is against your stance and then its subparts.

Finally, after you are done with mentioning and explaining all the stances in your academic article, you will move to the conclusion. In conclusion, you will briefly discuss everything you wrote, your working limitations, and your final thoughts. Make sure that your conclusion collects the gist of your complete writing.

Always remember that an outline is something that helps you in constructing your essay professionally. The essay outline will help you organize the data (primary and secondary) preliminary order without missing anything. When you know how to create outlines, you become a pro at writing papers. It will minimize the chance of revising or editing an essay. You will also develop a critical mind/ thinking and become a better composer of academic papers.

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