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14 Techniques to Spend Your Summer Productively & Enjoy

Posted on: Jul-Wed-2019

14 ways to spend your summer productively Posted on: Jul-31-2019 Summers are a time to relax and spend time with friends and family, it’s a time to take a break from the busy and hectic schedule and just enjoy. Although it’s a time one should usually sit back and relax, one can also use this...


Overcome Shyness Meeting New People & Old Acquaintances

Posted on: Dec-Thu-2017

How to Overcome Shyness When Meeting New Acquaintances Posted on: Dec-28-2017 How to get over shyness can be a serious issue for students of all ages, especially when they have to make public appearances or presentations in front of large crowds. They may be able to express their ideas and thoughts eloquently in a descriptive...


Productive Homework Tips for Students to Achieve Success

Posted on: Dec-Mon-2017

3 Productive Homework Tips for Students to Achieve Success Posted on: Dec-25-2017 Educators will tell you that the best homework tips for students are that there are no benefits of no homework. Homework gives the student a chance to expose their full potential related to specific subjects and assignments. The ideas and concepts taught in...


How to Improve Public Speaking Skills and Confidence?

Posted on: Dec-Mon-2017

How to Improve Public Speaking Skills and Confidence Posted on: Dec-18-2017 Just the thought of how to improve public speaking sends shivers down people’s spine. Not everyone is as easily adapted to speaking in public. Controlling stress can be hard during the allocution without letting it reflect physically in the form of blushing, stuttering or...


Manage Academic Expenses With Easy Ways to Save Money

Posted on: Dec-Wed-2017

Easy Ways to Save Money to Manage Academic Expenses Posted on: Dec-13-2017 Some people have the liberty of spending a lavish amount of money without thinking about what time of the month it is. The rest of students have to think of new ways to save money before they can spend an extravagant amount to...


Dissertation VS Thesis Know the Similarities & Variation

Posted on: Dec-Sat-2017

Dissertation VS Thesis Know the Similarities and Differences Posted on: Dec-09-2017 People outside the academic community consider the terms dissertation or thesis to be interchangeable. In the UK Scholars pursuing their master’s qualification will be intent on completing their dissertation. Similarly a thesis will need to be completed by scholars pursuing their doctorate qualification. The...


How To concentrate On Studies And Retain Employment?

Posted on: Dec-Mon-2017

How to Concentrate on Studies and Successfully Retain a Job Posted on: Dec-04-2017 How to concentrate on studies is one of the most crucial factors of success for students. Students often face the problem of being distracted when trying to complete their university coursework help. Thinking of several things all at once except what they...


How to Write a Dissertation and Concurrently Seek Work?

Posted on: Dec-Fri-2017

How to Write a Dissertation and Concurrently Seek Employment Posted on: Dec-01-2017 Scholar’s institute will inform them of the procedure of how to write a dissertation satisfactorily to meet institute requirements. Institutes guide learners to help them understand how to start a dissertation to meet international composition criteria. The academic department overseeing the student’s dissertation...


Controlling the Average Student Budget For Entertainment

Posted on: Nov-Mon-2017

Controlling the Average Student Budget for Recreational Purposes Posted on: Nov-27-2017 New university students are cognisant of the best ways to save money because they’ve seen their parents do it. But they seldom apply these techniques to their average student budget per month. First-year students will have more of a hard time coming out of...


Rephrasing Productively to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Work

Posted on: Nov-Thu-2017

Productively Change Words to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Work Posted on: Nov-23-2017 How to change words to avoid plagiarism is the main concern of every student who has to submit academic assignments. The definition of plagiarism according to Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary is “the unauthorised use of language and thoughts of another author...


How To Start Writing a Dissertation To Meet Writing Goal?

Posted on: Nov-Wed-2017

How to Start a Dissertation and the Measures Involved Posted on: Nov-15-2017 All academic personnel will give you different advice when you seek instructions for how to start writing dissertation. The struggle begins with choosing a topic before actually going to understand how to start a dissertation. The chosen main subject should ideally be a...


How to Control Stress during Examinations and Interview?

Posted on: Nov-Thu-2017

How to Control Stress during Examinations and Interviews Posted on: Nov-02-2017 Stress can be defined as the way a person feels when they are under extraordinary pressure. Hans Selye formulated the term “stress” in 1936 and defined it as “non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. Today we know that stress will...


Is a No Homework Policy Productive to Student Learning?

Posted on: Oct-Tue-2017

Is a No Homework Policy Academically Helpful to Learning? Posted on: Oct-10-2017 Homework is a phenomenon which has endured the test of time in almost all calibres of educations. From an early age, students going to first grade to even university students, everybody is assigned homework by their academic institute. Has anybody even considered the...


Specialized English Literature Dissertation Assistance

Posted on: Jan-Thu-2017

Need English Writing Skills for Literature of Dissertation Posted on: Jan-05-2017 Dissertation is the lengthy project for the students of the post graduate that must be perfectly handled and shape up to get the scoring marks in the examination. Dissertation writing is the research-based writing that must be informative for the readers. Furthermore, the material...


Descriptive Essay: Paint a picture With Your Words

Posted on: Sep-Sat-2016

Essay Portraying Resourcefully Evident Descriptive Expertise Posted on: Sp-17-2016 The main purpose of an essay, which is classified as descriptive is to be able to illustrate and depict characters, events and materials with eloquent skill. The characters described should become affiliated to the reader’s memory. Similarly the events described in the UK essay should be...


Problem Solution Essay With Effective Writing Solutions

Posted on: Aug-Thu-2016

Transcribing a Constructive Problem Solution Essay Posted on: Aug-04-2016 Essay writing is one of the most persisting and favourite tasks assigned by professors in institutes all over the world. The problem essay is a type of essay which discusses the difficulties and complications in connection to a particular argument. The problem may or may not...


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